How Vorboss keeps you running

True uncontended 10Gbps Service

Our network is dedicated to business users only.  No consumer or residential traffic ever. This means that we are able to offer uncontended, synchronous 10Gbps every hour of every day.

Built in scalability up to 100Gbps

Vorboss can easily ramp you up to 100Gbps using the same network that we have built today. For any other supplier to do this, would require them to rewire their entire network from scratch.

We own the process end-to-end

That gives us full control and responsibility over our network, our delivery, our infrastructure, and the whole customer experience.

Hyper connected core network

Rather than relying on a small number of London data centres, Vorboss uses significantly more than other suppliers. This means that there are multiple different ways to route your signal in case of an issue.

Built in failover solutions

Our network is designed so that we can easily divert your internet traffic through a range of different routes, ensuring that your service uptime is maximised and consistent.

Welcome to internet with ambition.