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Price guaranteed for the lifetime of the contract. No installation fee. 12-month initial contract, monthly rolling thereafter.
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The Benefits

High performance
We provide true uncontended (one-to-one) bandwidth. You always have the internet speed and capacity to ensure your applications perform at their best.
We designed our network with diverse routing options and multi-handoff capability (data transfer) to ensure resilience.
Low latency
We are one of the UK’s top peering networks and are connected with other London-based partners to speed up traffic and ensure low latency (time taken to transfer data across the network).
Rapid responsiveness
We install and maintain the connection ensuring rapid service and the quickest fibre upgrades in the industry. You deal with the engineers that built the network.
One dedicated partner
We are London’s only vertically integrated internet service provider (ISP), both delivering and managing your internet connection. You only have to deal with one supplier, one connection and one price.
Latest technology
We have built our network from the ground up with the latest technology, the newest design and no outdated copper wires. You have access to the most advanced internet network in London.

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