Internet for healthcare

Vorboss provides dedicated business internet connections with speeds to power healthcare organisations that rely on fast, always-on internet for patient-centred care.

Ultra-reliable internet for the healthcare industry

To say that connectivity is vital in healthcare is an understatement. Slow internet speeds and unstable connections hurt your ability to treat patients.

The Vorboss business fibre network provides clinics, hospitals, speciality centres, and private practices with high speeds and responsive support so you always have the steady, reliable internet your healthcare organisation needs.

Unmatched connectivity for healthcare excellence

Reliability beyond

Our steadfast business fibre network gives you uninterrupted access to patient data. Never worry about outages again.

Unmatched service and support

You deal directly with Vorboss for efficient and personalised support, 24/7. No third parties or call centres, ever.

Cost-efficient connectivity

We supply a 10Gbps connection at a competitive price, providing unmatched value for healthcare organisations.

Direct uncontended internet

You get your own private connection, which means you’ll have the speed and capacity to perform critical tasks at all times. No sharing bandwidth.

The best terms in the business

We’re leading the way with our transparent pricing, fair contracts, and unmatched SLA. We've built the most customer friendly terms we know of.

Blazing-fast speeds

Overcome the frustration of sluggish data transmission. We guarantee ultra-high speeds for critical data transfers and uploading and downloading large files.

Our products

12-month initial contract, monthly rolling thereafter. Price guaranteed for the lifetime of the contract.
No installation fees.

10G Internet




per month

Our 10Gbps flagship product allows businesses to experience productivity like never before.

Product details

10G Growth




per month

An affordable option for start-ups, SMEs, and non-profits to connect to our elite fibre network.

Product details

100G Internet




per month

For data-hungry businesses, we have the only off-the-shelf 100Gbps product in the game.

Product details

Installation process

Step 1
We’ll kick off the process and outline your Vorboss journey, capturing important information needed for the setup procedure.
Step 2
Plan and survey.
Our process includes an initial site survey. We'll then deliver a detailed installation plan outlining actions and any potential issues.
Step 3
We’ll identify and help secure needed permits, permissions, and wayleaves. Your dedicated Vorboss contact will ensure a streamlined experience.
Step 4
We'll install infrastructure and perform on-site and remote testing. We'll provide technical specifications, a detailed guide, and contact channels for our 24/7 Technical Support Team.

What our customers say

‘Switching to a Vorboss 10Gbps connection has been a key part of our plans to future-proof our offering. Having grown from 20 to 200 desks since opening our building, a solid internet service is the backbone of our space. Vorboss has been with us every step of the way, with super-fast response times, a very professional and helpful setup and installation process, and a solid reliable service.’

Jonathan Fren
Founder at Keyboards & Dreams

‘Vorboss not only met but exceeded our requirements. Since commissioning their service, we have experienced flawless performance.’

Steven Coombs
Network Manager at The American School in London

‘Vorboss’ dedicated internet connectivity has been instrumental in supporting Total IT’s operations and ensuring seamless communication and exciting new opportunities for our clients. The reliability and speed of Vorboss’ connectivity has greatly enhanced our ability to deliver efficient and responsive IT services.'

Emma Wilkinson
Executive Assistant at Total IT

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Is Vorboss available in my area?

The Vorboss fibre network currently covers London Zones 1 and 2. If you’d like to get your business connected, book a consultation with one of our experts.

Our team is happy to make recommendations if your business is outside of this area.

What business internet speeds do you offer?

We provide 10Gbps or 100Gbps internet, setting a new standard in speed and capacity (we start where most others max out). View all our business fibre products here.

Our high-speed Ethernet connections supply true uncontended bandwidth. That means we can offer uninterrupted, synchronous 10Gbps internet (or more) every hour of every day. We’re the fastest internet in town.

Our customers always have the speed and capacity they need for their applications to perform at their best, boosting their productivity and technological functionality. We only supply business internet, so not only is our service dedicated to their needs, but there is no mixing business-critical traffic with residential traffic.

We are one of the UK’s top peering networks and are connected with other London-based partners to speed up traffic and ensure low latency (time taken to transfer data across the network). Customers can send near-instantaneous communications and enjoy a seamless service.

Speak to our team about how to upgrade your business to Vorboss internet.

What is the pricing structure?

We provide 10Gbps internet for £650 per month and 100Gbps internet for £2,250 per month.

The contract is initially 12 months and monthly rolling thereafter. We guarantee our prices for the lifetime of the contract, and there are no installation fees.

In the unlikely event that your Vorboss business internet goes down for more than four minutes, you will receive at least one day's worth of service credits. If your internet is down for 24 hours, you will receive the full pay-out of two months' worth of service credits.

We understand that connectivity is mission critical, so if your service goes down, we will apply these credits automatically and sweat the small details so you don't have to. The last thing you want to do is chase your ISP for service credits due, so we have made the process seamless.

Our independence and direct-to-customer model allow us to be the most transparent business fibre provider in a traditionally clouded market. We want customers to be with us because they love the service, not because they are locked in.

How is Vorboss different to other business internet providers?

We do a lot of things differently from traditional telecoms companies.

We built and own our fibre network infrastructure, so we don’t rely on any contractors. Every person our customers meet or speak to is a Vorboss employee.

We created our own in-house academy to train our engineers, taking people with little to no telecoms experience and offering them a career path. We care deeply about building an equitible, inclusive, and diverse workforce, and the Vorboss Academy has helped us introduce more women to the industry, with nearly 40% of our Installation Technicians being women.

In 2023, The Sunday Times named us as one of the UK's Best Places to Work and Best Places to Work for Women.