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How 1Gbps Business Internet is Limiting Your Potential

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How 1Gbps Business Internet is Limiting Your Potential

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When was the last time you noticed your business internet's ability?

Whether it’s waiting to transfer a large file or trying to collaborate on a cloud-based app, your business internet directly impacts performance across your working day.

Yet, most companies are so used to the drawbacks of 1Gbps business internet that these time lags and glitchy delays have become normalised despite their drain on operations. 

Simply put, 1Gbps internet limits the potential of ambitious businesses. It lacks the capability required in 2023, let alone in the near future, with peak internet traffic increasing 35% year-on-year and the imminent growth of AI tools.

But don't worry, there is another way (spoiler alert: it's 10Gbps).

1Gbps = accepting limitations 

1Gbps is the standard business internet in London, which is like buying an old sedan to win an F1 race. While it satisfies the most basic functions, it’s unsuited to modern demands, slow to accelerate, highly susceptible to breakdowns, and increasingly outdated with every passing month.

In short, it’s limiting your ability to drive faster and compete. Here’s why.


Software, data, people, and communication power modern businesses. Therefore, employee productivity is inextricably linked to internet capacity.

From Slack and Salesforce to Zoom and Zendesk, the average business uses 130 software-as-a-service (SaaS) tools for its communications, project management, accounting, and HR functionality.

Not to mention video streaming, file transfers, data analysis, and multimedia downloads. No matter your business’ core proposition, your operational efficiency relies on your business internet. 

1Gbps’ low data bandwidth can slow down daily tasks, hamper productivity, and frustrate employees. With 10Gbps internet, teams comple tasks 10X faster, and productivity (and employee morale) soar.

The business impact of high bandwidth internet is immediate and tangible. So why limit your bandwidth in the first place? 


Hybrid working is here to stay.

In April 2023, Central London workers came into the office on average 2.3 days per week, with most employers supporting remote work in some capacity. And a good corporate internet connection is essential for private VPNs that allow remote users to access private company data.

Reliable online connectivity enables remote employees to access resources easily, participate in virtual collaboration effectively, and work productively. On the flip side, frequent connection drops interrupt important tasks and adversely impact customer service and employee morale.

1Gbps business internet does not provide enough reliability to banish connectivity concerns. Wouldn’t it be great if you could ensure uninterrupted connectivity for all your employees? 


Think about how many cloud-based apps your business currently uses. Now, think about how much you will use in the near future when more game-changing AI products hit the market and quantum computing becomes the norm.

With data requirements doubling every two years, you need internet that can flexibly scale to your evolving data processing needs and easily handle more users as your business expands.

1Gbps business internet might satisfy your basic requirements today, but you need to plan for the impending surge of new data requirements to remain competitive. So why not get ahead of your rivals now instead of playing catch-up down the line? 

Customer experience

How do you work with your clients or customers?

If your company uses real-time collaboration tools like Miro whiteboards to brainstorm ideas or Zoom conferencing services to host interactive webinars or even basic video calls, then reliable connectivity is your lifeblood; these tools don’t work if there isn’t enough bandwidth.

But, limited connectivity also impedes customers' online interaction with your business, such as unresponsive customer service or slow-to-load digital products, leading to frustrated customers, negative brand reputation, and ultimately a loss of business.

1Gbps’ limited connectivity might work now, but if you take on more customers or need to fulfil more orders, you may find yourself stuck in first gear with no way to accelerate. Why run the risk? 

10Gbps = going limitless

It’s unlikely you’d accept ‘standard’ with any other part of your business, so why accept ‘standard’ with your business internet? 

As technology develops, costs fall and the playing field changes. Netflix’s affordable subscription streaming made us forget about TV scheduling. Mobile network providers' unlimited packages made us forget about the cost of phone calls.

Now, 10Gbps is having the same effect on business internet, helping us forget about connectivity and reliability issues while making your business more productive and scalable. Businesses all across London are waking up to this, and the ship is turning. At Vorboss, we provide 10Gbps as standard (rather than the limit), as that's a sensible, technical minimum in 2023.

And, as we own the network, maintain the cables, and directly provide the customer connection, we can easily scale your data requirements as you grow, future-proofing your long-term business growth.

Without the limitations of 1Gbps, you’ll never notice your business internet again. 

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