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Unlock Your Small Business' Potential with Vorboss 10G Growth

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Unlock Your Small Business' Potential with Vorboss 10G Growth

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All modern businesses, small and large, depend on having reliable internet with enough capacity to power their ambitions. We’re introducing Vorboss 10G Growth to provide the necessary connectivity for London's start-ups, schools, NGOs, and SMEs to thrive.

Imagine how a dedicated 10Gbps fibre connection could upgrade your organisation. We supply internet for qualifying small businesses with unparalleled speed and bandwidth, priced at just £350 per month.  

Vorboss is an elite fibre network for London's businesses, but we are not exclusive. We are proud to become one of London's small business internet providers, giving more companies the chance to grow with direct, high-capacity internet.

Small businesses that qualify

Buildings in Central London against a blue cloudy sky.

So, who can take advantage of this opportunity? Any business that fits into one of the below categories:  

  • Early-stage businesses and SMEs with fewer than 20 employees and with an annual revenue of under £10 million
  • Non-profit organisations  
  • Publicly-funded educational institutions

The need for high-speed internet knows no bounds. Vorboss 10G Growth empowers you with the connectivity you deserve and helps you break free from bandwidth limitations. You will pay £350 per month, instead of the standard £650, for our 10Gbps internet.  

Read on to discover how Vorboss 10G Growth can transform your business.

Benefits of Vorboss 10G Growth

Vorboss 10G Growth is transforming the way small businesses experience internet connectivity. Here are three of its benefits.

Powerful speed and capacity

We will dedicate a direct 10Gbps internet connection to your business that has the speed and capacity to upscale your productivity. The real-time and cloud-based apps you depend on most will run faster, and grinding uploads and downloads will be a thing of the past.


We built our network with the future in mind, so as your business grows, we can grow with it. We provide scalable internet speeds of up to 100Gbps for your evolving business. Additionally, we are the only Internet Service Provider (ISP) that always guarantees a minimum speed of 10Gbps. You will never have to worry about bandwidth again.

Quick installation

We own our network end-to-end, so our in-house team takes all the faff out of switching providers. We measure install times in days and weeks, not months, ensuring your business stays up and running without delay. Our team can answer questions and solve problems fast and effectively because we don't use resellers or intermediaries.  

Jonathan Fren, founder of Keyboards & Dreams, said:

'Switching to a Vorboss 10Gbps connection has been a key part of our plans to future-proof our offering as we grow our serviced offices in Farringdon. Having grown from 20 to 200 desks since opening our building, a solid internet service is the backbone of our space. Vorboss has been with us every step of the way, with super-fast response times, a very professional and helpful setup and installation process, and a solid reliable service. We're very happy with our connectivity.'

Start your journey with Vorboss 10G Growth

Don't worry, our contracts are simple and clear. You'll have a strong 10Gbps connection, just like our other customers. No hidden tricks.  

We guarantee the price of £350 per month for the lifetime of the contract (12 months and monthly rolling thereafter). This is affordability without compromise, accessible to businesses who deserve it.

If you are a qualifying business, you can get started straight away by contacting our sales team. We don't use call centres; our experts know the network inside out and can advise you through the process. In fact, once you become a customer, you'll get your own Customer Success Manager.

Why Vorboss?

A Vorboss van in Central London alongside a Vorboss Installation Technician in hi-vis gear.

We understand the challenges that small businesses face because we've been there. We created a team of over 400 people from scratch, and we are dedicated to boosting London's economy through excellent connectivity.  

Our workforce represents various backgrounds and experiences, fostering creativity, innovation, and many perspectives that drive our success. We can now proudly say we're one of the best places to work in the UK, and we have one of the most diverse teams in the industry.

Our CEO, Tim Creswick, sums it up best:

'I know from experience that start-ups and SMEs face plenty of challenges, especially in tough economic times. Connectivity shouldn't be one of them. Providing a high-quality internet connection to businesses, as well as schools and NGOs, helps create a more balanced knowledge economy. It enables them to focus on productivity and growth rather than on bandwidth limitations. These are the educational systems and commercial markets of the future. By empowering them to scale and grow, with connectivity at an unrivalled price, we are investing in everyone's future.'

The future is fibre

Vorboss 10G Growth is your gateway to a future powered by high-speed internet connectivity and unparalleled service. We designed our offering to assist small businesses, non-profits, and educational institutions. It empowers them, removes bandwidth limits, and boosts productivity. With lightning-fast installations, a powerful 10Gbps connection, and scalability, we are committed to supporting your growth.

Book a consultation to find out why businesses are switching to Vorboss.