10Gbps business internet with no third parties, ever.

Faster downloads, confident backups, and seamless collaboration. Vorboss 10G Internet future-proofs your business.

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Dedicated 10Gbps with symmetrical uploads
and downloads. See the difference between
legacy 1Gbps internet and the supercharged
bandwidth of 10Gbps internet.

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10G Internet




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12-month initial contract, monthly rolling thereafter.
Price guaranteed for the lifetime of the contract.
No installation fees.

What is 10Gbps fibre internet? 

Vorboss 10G Internet uses fibre optic cables to transmit data at speeds of up to 10Gbps, making it significantly faster and more reliable than other London internet networks that top out at 1Gbps.

'Vorboss are head and shoulders above all other internet fibre companies, in terms of their speed and the amazing team.'
- Mercium Ltd

What our customers say

‘Switching to a Vorboss 10Gbps connection has been a key part of our plans to future-proof our offering. Having grown from 20 to 200 desks since opening our building, a solid internet service is the backbone of our space. Vorboss has been with us every step of the way, with super-fast response times, a very professional and helpful setup and installation process, and a solid reliable service.’

Jonathan Fren
Founder at Keyboards & Dreams

‘Vorboss not only met but exceeded our requirements. Since commissioning their service, we have experienced flawless performance.’

Steven Coombs
Network Manager at The American School in London

‘Vorboss’ dedicated internet connectivity has been instrumental in supporting Total IT’s operations and ensuring seamless communication and exciting new opportunities for our clients. The reliability and speed of Vorboss’ connectivity has greatly enhanced our ability to deliver efficient and responsive IT services.'

Emma Wilkinson
Executive Assistant at Total IT

Benefits of 10Gbps internet

10Gbps internet for business on a mission.

Upload and download 10x faster, backup with confidence, video conference without lag, and give your critical apps the bandwidth to perform at their best.

Reliability for the apps you depend on most.

Experience worry-free connectivity with our clear-cut business fibre. 10x faster Vorboss fibre is innovation fuel, purpose-built for whatever you're building.

No buffering. No bottlenecks.

Dedicated to your business needs. No compromises. Our 10Gbps internet is integral for near-instantaneous communications and seamless service.

Upgrade once and done.

Built from the (under)ground up, Vorboss can grow as fast as your ambition. Easily ramp up to 100Gbps without switching networks or rewiring anything.

Never worry about bandwidth again.

Ambitious London is outgrowing 1Gbps internet. Vorboss internet future-proofs businesses, keeping up with the demands of cloud-based infrastructure and positioning you for data-intensive applications and innovation.

Put an end to indecision. And the limits of legacy 1Gbps internet.

Legacy fibre and copper connections are called legacy for a reason. Lower speeds, lower bandwidth, and higher chance of disruption can limit productivity and growth and impact customer satisfaction. 

Vorboss 10Gbps
2 gigabyte file download
Available bandwidth
2-4 Employees
10-25 Employees
Application ability
Innovation performance
Future preparedness
Phasing Out
Now to 10+ Years
Service response

The consequences of not choosing 10Gbps internet.

Legacy fibre and copper connections are called legacy for a reason. Lower speeds, lower bandwidth, and higher chance of disruption can limit productivity and growth and impact customer satisfaction.

They’re called critical applications for a reason.

Legacy internet is no place for critical apps. The applications you depend on most run faster, more reliably and are more streamlined on 10Gbps internet with reduced latency and increased bandwidth.

'We had a very good experience with all contact points at Vorboss, from sales and customer success to the engineers on the installation.'
- Studio Private Ltd

Why Vorboss?

One dedicated partner

No third parties, ever. We manage the entire fibre connection so you only have to deal with one supplier, one connection, and one price.

One-to-one connectivity

Some networks split a single fibre between customers, leading to unpredictable speed and bandwidth. Vorboss uses cables with over 800 fibres, with each fibre connected to one specific customer, for consistent and reliable service.

Dedicated London-based support

Our network is designed exclusively for businesses just like yours. And so is our support. Vorboss customers have direct contact with a dedicated in-house Customer Service Manager.

Secure infrastructure

Many providers use exposed street-level cabinets to split their connections; these boxes are vulnerable to vandalism, weather, and power outages. The Vorboss fibre network doesn’t use on-street infrastructure or splitters. We deliver fibre internet directly to your business.

Our people

Vorboss has one of the only approved telecoms academi outside of Openreach. Our unique training programmes and facilities are focused on promoting diversity. The recognised us as one of the Best Places to Work in the UK and Best Places to Work for Women.

Installation process

Step 1
We’ll kick off the process and outline your Vorboss journey, capturing important information needed for the setup procedure.
Step 2
Plan and survey.
Our process includes an initial site survey. We'll then deliver a detailed installation plan outlining actions and any potential issues.
Step 3
We’ll identify and help secure needed permits, permissions, and wayleaves. Your dedicated Vorboss contact will ensure a streamlined experience.
Step 4
We'll install infrastructure and perform on-site and remote testing. We'll provide technical specifications, a detailed guide, and contact channels for our 24/7 Technical Support Team.