A dedicated fibre network for London business


Hey London. Welcome to the new standard.

Our offer is simple.

10Gbps as a minimum.
£650 per month.
Built for ambitious businesses.
Price guaranteed for the life of the contract.
No installation fees.

Why 10Gbps?

If your supplier is offering you anything less than a 10Gbps connection, there is something they don’t want you to know.

Either their network cannot handle the capacity, or their commercial model depends on upselling you bandwidth.

Our ambitious customers can scale their businesses knowing that bandwidth will never be an issue.

Why Vorboss?

We own our network, fibre, and service, offering London the only full-coverage alternative to legacy infrastructure.

That means we can guarantee the quality we deliver, prioritise our customers’ needs, and always honour our promises.

Why £650 per month?

We’ve cut out the intermediaries, resellers, and brokers to sell access to our network directly to the businesses that need it.

This, paired with the fact that we own our service end-to-end, means we can offer 10Gbps at £650 per month.

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