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Vorboss design best-fit networks that are technically led and won’t let you down. Our reputation for always building the best means that when enterprises need connectivity, they choose Vorboss.

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Ethernet Leased Lines &
Direct Internet Access

Ethernet leased lines are engineered to give your business a dedicated, reliable route to the internet or between offices and sites. A dedicated, full-fibre connection from your site to our network enables businesses to benefit from lightning-fast connectivity to power modern business needs.


  • Line is dedicated to your business
  • Fully symmetrical service
  • Guaranteed bandwidth
  • Site-to-site and Internet services
  • Super-low-latency to support modern applications

Multi-site Connectivity

For enterprises with extensive connectivity needs, Vorboss MPLS services links multiple sites with low-latency fibre connections. MPLS operates at the transport layer, which is more efficient than the routing layer, as with other multi-site networks.


  • Dedicated, private multi-site network
  • More resilient than separate services
  • Guaranteed QoS
  • Super low latency
  • Full control over traffic engineering
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A software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) is a growing trend for businesses with extended connectivity needs. By bonding multiple WAN connections, intelligent software makes the best and most effective use of all available transport pipes, without requiring MPLS.


  • SD-WAN always uses the most efficient routes
  • Transport agnostic – use whatever connections are available
  • Reduce reliance on MPLS services
  • Lower connectivity costs

Cloud connect

Public clouds play an essential role in modern business, with enterprises needing connections that don’t compromise on security, reliability or performance. The Vorboss Cloud Connect service has been shaped to meet the very highest standards in every aspect, powering our clients’ myriad of hybrid-cloud applications including finance, ecommerce, intelligent buildings and artificial intelligence.


  • Cost-effective connections to public cloud
  • Reach multiple public cloud operators in an agnostic fashion
  • Secure connections
  • Engineered and managed by Vorboss for reliability
  • Super low latencies
  • Fast provisioning
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Enhance your business with managed networking services

Vorboss can support your business far beyond connectivity. Our experience in engineering highly-reliable, high-performance networks can be extended into your enterprise core, and all the way to the desktop.

Once you are connected to the world-class Vorboss network, we have a suite of additional services to ensure that you receive all the benefits that come with over a decade of experience in keeping packets moving. Because when it really matters, companies choose Vorboss.

Managed VPN

Extend your organisation’s productivity and security with a Vorboss managed VPN. Make your corporate network securely accessible anywhere, without the headache of managing and maintaining VPN configurations.

Wireless, VoIP & LAN

Take advantage of Vorboss’ engineering excellence and let us look after your on-premises Wi-Fi , VoIP and LAN. Our years of experience in configuring and maintaining corporate network environments allows businesses to focus on your day-to-day operations and strategic growth.

CCTV & Access Control

Vorboss offers best-in-class security systems to ensure the integrity of your business. We help keep intruders at bay with advanced access control and 24/7 surveillance via HD CCTV, all centrally managed.

Virtual Comms Room

With the price per square foot in London and other major cities reaching record levels, can you afford to lose valuable floorspace to a dedicated comms room? When also factoring in the cost of management, maintenance, cooling and staffing, many clients are now finding it easier and more cost effective to choose a Vorboss virtual comms room.

By taking space in a data centre and connecting to your office by dedicated fibre, your business benefits from increased flexibility and reduced overheads whilst also freeing up valuable floorspace. Connectivity to your virtual comms room is provided up to 100Gbps, ensuring that bandwidth limits are never on your mind.

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