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10Gbps Internet: the Key to Unlocking Quantum Computing’s Potential

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Quantum computing is nearly business-ready, but is your business prepared for quantum computing? 

Following the ChatGPT wave, the game-changing possibilities of AI have dominated the headlines, while quantum computing’s vast potential has largely flown under the radar.

Given that quantum algorithms—which will enable you to drive innovation, solve complex problems, and gain a competitive edge—are expected to become business accessible by 2025, quantum computing won’t stay out of the limelight for long. 

Your business should expect forthcoming quantum computing opportunities; you’ll need high bandwidth internet to handle its high data demands.

What type of business internet should you look for? 10Gbps internet

How 10Gbps prepares you for the quantum computing era

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Like ‘rocket science’ and ‘astrophysics’, popular culture has transformed ‘quantum’ into a byword for distant and complicated technology.

This is misleading, as a) quantum computing is nearly here—the Boston Consulting Group believe quantum computing could be business-ready in less than two years—and b) quantum computing is quite simple for business leaders; it will increase their computing power, providing faster cloud-based connections, more efficient data transfer, greater real-time collaboration, enhanced security, and quicker data analysis. 

28% of large global businesses have already set aside at least $1m for quantum computing investments, but the only way to seize ‘quantum advantage’ is by investing in high bandwidth 10Gbps internet. Here’s why.

Data transfer and synchronisation

While the computer you’re using currently processes data using binary units (either 0 or 1), a quantum computer can simultaneously process data using 0 and/or 1.

Instead of trying to figure out a 1000-path maze by testing each path until you find the right one (like a classic computer), a quantum computer can test all the paths at the same time. 

As quantum computing involves manipulating and processing complex quantum information with precise synchronisation, quantum computers need fast and reliable data transfer to function. 10Gbps internet enables rapid data transfer between quantum computers, ensuring efficient synchronisation and communication.

If all that sounds like jargon to you, remember this: 10Gbps capability is crucial to executing quantum algorithms, which can solve problems that take classic computers 3,300 years in just 11 minutes.

Cloud-based quantum computing

Imagine how much your business uses the cloud today. Now consider that usage quantum-charged.

Just as today’s teams rely on cloud-based SaaS apps for day-to-day operations, tomorrow’s teams will depend on cloud-based quantum computing services to access quantum hardware and algorithms. 

High bandwidth 10Gbps internet will establish a robust connection with quantum cloud platforms, enabling your teams to submit quantum jobs, transfer large datasets, and retrieve real-time computation results.

Without sufficient bandwidth, uneven access to quantum computing resources will restrain your employees’ ability to leverage quantum power. This is particularly true if you plan to use many AI-powered SaaS applications, as quantum computing will rapidly expand the possibilities of machine learning.

Collaborative research and development

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Remote, real-time collaboration will be essential to maximising quantum computing’s potential.

Whether it’s your researchers and developers sharing knowledge about new quantum-enabled processes or your sales and marketing teams aligning new quantum-charged customer acquisition strategies, your business needs the ability to collaborate efficiently and effectively. 

10Gbps enables seamless communication and collaboration among geographically dispersed teams working on quantum computing projects. With high bandwidth internet connectivity, researchers can exchange data, share insights, and collaborate on quantum algorithm development, which not only accelerates progress in the field but also accelerates the benefits to your bottom line.

Quantum data analysis and simulation

Let’s return to the 1,000-path maze, but think of data instead of ‘paths’.

While a classical computer will analyse the 1,000 bits of data consecutively, a quantum computer will analyse the data concurrently, vastly increasing the speed at which businesses analyse data and simulate complex scenarios.

It’s like a classic computer finding the best route for a delivery driver on Google Maps versus a quantum computer finding the best path for the whole of your supply chain, from sourcing and manufacturing to delivery and recycling. 

Quantum algorithms are ideally suited for solving large-scale challenges, but only if large-scale bandwidth supports them. 10Gbps will allow you to transmit large datasets for analysis on quantum computing systems and retrieve the results efficiently, which is crucial to leveraging quantum computing insights to optimise processes and make data-driven decisions.

Quantum communication and encryption

The quantum era will usher in a complete overhaul of digital security (think how quickly a quantum computer could work out one of Google’s ‘strong’ passwords).

Businesses that have not updated their security to use quantum key distribution (QKD) protocols (quantum-generated keys designed to fend off quantum-generated attacks) will run a very high risk of cyberattack and potential data loss. 

These QKD protocols are only viable if you have high bandwidth business internet, providing reliable and fast connections to support quantum communication networks.

10Gbps enables businesses to transmit and receive quantum-encrypted data, enhancing your data security and privacy in the age of increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.

Why you need 10Gbps internet to tackle quantum computing now

There’s a competitive advantage, and then there’s a quantum advantage.

According to BCG, ‘quantum computing in most industries is likely to be a winner-take-most technology, and a disproportionate share of the value created (we estimate as much as 90%) will go to early adopters.’

With quantum computing arriving sooner than you think, you must start laying the foundations today to ensure you’re part of the early adopters, not the late catcher-uppers. 

At Vorboss, we provide 10Gbps connections as a minimum (with the ability to scale to 100Gbps).

While you may not develop your own in-house quantum capability—there will be the equivalent of AWS or Microsoft Azure for that—you will need the ability to run quantum computing programmes effectively.

Installing 10Gbps internet now is the first step to unleashing quantum computing’s algorithmic power and preparing your business for the future. 

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